InVET is a European Project focused on Industry 4.0! The main intention of the project is to create a knowledge base with core information about the industrial revolution. All information will be modified into the learning materials focused mainly on the VET students = as a primary target group.

The four main outcomes that the partnership is going to produce in order to accomplish those objectives of the project are the following:

Output 1

Current Status of the Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

For the project success, it is very important to get all available information which can be found, about the actual situation of the Industry 4.0 in the partner countries and EU as a whole, it means several qualitative and quantitative types of research have to be made.

This intellectual output is a REPORT including 4 areas, the content will be always prepared from all partner countries and EU as well, the areas are:
1) Report on EU & National Law support
2) Report on current EU & National support of the INDUSTRY 4.0 by governments
3) Report on EU & National educational systems
4) Report on current EU & National implementation of the INDUSTRY 4.0 in the educational systems

Output 2

Expert interviews and specific research in the field of education in INDUSTRY 4.0 context

Real information

The main purpose and also the main challenge is to find out what the situation among the VET Schools (=students, teachers)/educational centres (=trainers, coaches) is like. We shall find answers on questions such as: Do they (VET Schools/educational centres) know about INDUSTRY 4.0, If yes – how much and how big is a gap between the basic (expectable) knowledge and optimal state?

Output 3

InVET Development of the specialized texts

Learning material

The goal is to create suitable and effective LEARNING MATERIALS for the InVET that are tailored to our target group’s (VET Schools (=students, teachers)/educational centers (=trainers, coaches)) learning preferences. The learning materials will be based on the structure of the framework which will be developed with using the outcomes of the O1 + O2 and will support learners in understanding the content and show them how to transform all that information in the practical way

Output 4

InVET Online knowledge platform development

Online platform

...all information and learning material you will here!