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bit cz training

Vinohradská 29/93
120 00 Praha 2, Česká republika

Contact person:
Michaela Vránová





We will teach you everything you still do not know that you need. You will grow with us! bit cz training is a descendant of Austria's largest education company Bit group. On the Czech market we have been operating successfully since 2005.

bit Schulungscenter 


FYG Consultores

Calle Guillem Anglesola 17 bis Bajo Izda
46022 Valencia, Spain

Contact person:
Fabián Gómez

FYG logotipo

Our services are focused on supporting companies on their way to innovation, internationalization and access to finance through national and European programs.

ITA Emilio Sereni



LBS-Murau (1)


Calle Esteban Dolz del Castellar 3
46019 Valencia, Spain

Contact person:
Gregorio Blanco Sáez

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